The introduction of Solvency II has led to insurers reflecting on their businesses and available capital. We have seen numerous consolidations, sales and launches of product lines and risk transfers. Insurers are also investing in improving their customer engagement.

We offer a full range of strategic transaction advisory services covering M&A and transactional design and support, product development support, risk transfers and customer engagement enhancement through our data analytics team.

What are transactional advisory services?

Transactional services for insurers refer to the various financial and administrative activities that insurance companies engage in to manage their policies, claims, and customer interactions. These services are an integral part of the insurance industry's operations and play a crucial role in ensuring that insurance policies are issued, premiums are collected, claims are processed, and customer inquiries are addressed efficiently and accurately.

What are the benefits of transaction advisory services?

There are many benefits to transactional advisory services, both for businesses and employees. Those are: 

  • Provides business owners with a respite from the burdensome and time-consuming nature of transactional processes, allowing them to focus on their core operations.
  • Allows stakeholders to gain access to comprehensive risk analysis. This invaluable insight empowers decision-makers to make well-informed choices based on ever-evolving market data and trends.
  • Transaction advisory services also aid in crafting effective risk mitigation strategies for potentially precarious situations, bolstering a company's preparedness for unforeseen challenges.

From the initial stages of transaction planning to risk assessment, execution, and even post-transaction support, transaction advisory services provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

Specific advisory and transaction service expertise

  • Part VIIs and transfers of blocks of business: Supporting transfers of blocks of business, including Independent Expert assignments.  In particular, we have deep knowledge of solving the issues involved in transferring annuity books from with-profits to shareholder funds.
  • Unit-linked fund mergers: Advising on customer fairness and operational due diligence.
  • Risk transfers: Advising on derivative and reinsurance transactions designed to manage risk exposures.
  • New products: Assisting with the development of new products, especially in connection with pensions freedom (SIPP / income drawdown, Later Life annuities).
  • Customer Engagement / Attraction: Using data analytics to enhance your customer experience and sales processes.

Transactional services for insurers are critical for the smooth functioning of insurance companies, as they ensure that policies are managed effectively, claims are processed promptly, and customers receive the services they expect. These services often involve the use of advanced technology and software systems to streamline processes and enhance customer experiences.

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