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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222
We provide comprehensive, innovative, client focused investment consultancy services to Trustees, Employers, Charities, Local Authorities and Universities.  

Scheme members benefit most when their scheme has strong governance, with trustees, sponsors and their advisers working as a partnership to ensure benefits are paid as promised.

Strategic decisions are of paramount importance; time and resources spent here will contribute far more to achieving the best results than anywhere else. We believe the best strategic decisions are made by trustees who actively challenge and debate issues with their advisers. This leads to engaging discussions which drive our enthusiasm for our work.

We enjoy what we do and we aim to bring this enthusiasm to our discussions with you.  We work as a team with the trustees and sponsors, negating conflicts of interest, real or perceived, so that objectives are met efficiently. We hope that you can, as much as is possible, enjoy setting, monitoring and discussing your investment strategy with us.

Take a look a the highlights from our Annual Investment Conference 2017...

“Bosch UK have worked with Barnett Waddingham for many years, helping to re-organise and consolidate our UK defined benefit pension schemes Barnett Waddingham have also helped us to develop investment strategies, which maximise returns while minimising risk and effectively administering the schemes to the mutual benefit of pensioners, members and the Company. The quality and service levels shown by Barnett Waddingham are an excellent fit with the Bosch brand, and they are regarded as professional business partners.”
Andrew Castle
Robert Bosch (UK) Holdings Ltd.
Barnett Waddingham Investment Consultancy Charity
Charity Investment

We believe that a charity's investment strategy should be fundamentally related to its anticipated distributions

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Fiduciary Management Oversight Services

Bringing the independence and impartiality required to give trustees confidence in their fiduciary management arrangement

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  • Picture for Cash flow aware investment
    Cash flow aware investment

    Does regular and reliable income as well as the scope for capital appreciation provided by illiquid assests really offer defined benefit (DB) funds the best of both worlds? We examine several considerations for trustees of DB plans in owning them.

  • Picture for The pros and cons of four alternative DC investment approaches
    The pros and cons of four alternative DC investment approaches

    Trustees of DC schemes have never had more choice in the range of available investment options. Here we analyse the strength and weaknesses of four alternative approaches to passive global equities and diversified growth funds.

  • Picture for Interest rates to rise but no return to normal anytime soon
    Interest rates to rise but no return to normal anytime soon

    Speakers from BlackRock, Columbia Threadneedle and Insight Investments all predict little prospect of a normalisation in interest rates over the next year at our annual conference - Matt Tickle examines the forecast in more detail in his latest blog.

  • Investment Insights: the cashflow conundrum

    This paper looks at how much weight should be given to 'meeting cashflows' when designing an investment portfolio and if there are specific features cashflow negative schemes (i.e. schemes where outgoes exceed income) should look for in their investments.

  • How to survive the EU referendum?

    Policymakers have played an increasing role in the direction of investment markets over recent years - arguably the most significant for UK pension schemes in 2016 is the upcoming vote on whether the UK should remain part of the EU.

  • LDI in 2016: Navigating your way through the hedging maze

    In the latest issue of Investment Insights, we look at how the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) market, which has expanded significantly over the last five years, has become a topic that features on the agenda for many of our clients.

  • May 19 2016
    Webinar - How to survive the EU Referendum

    Rather than speculating on the results of the vote on whether the UK should remain part of the European Union (EU), our interactive webinar will offer practical guidance on the issues schemes should be considering.

    Location: Webinar

  • De-risking without significant increases deficit recovery contributions

    As part of their most recent actuarial valuation, Tate & Lyle were seeking to continue to de-risk their £1 billion legacy DB pension scheme, but without a significant increase in deficit recovery contributions.

  • Asset Allocation - Risk Analysis

    In 2013 the Trustees of a Charity asked us to use modelling to illustrate possible future investment returns and volatility resulting from the Charity’s current asset allocation, and then to suggest possible alternative asset allocations.

  • Splitting inflation and nominal interest rates

    During early 2012, one of our schemes was constrained by the funding basis and the availability of contributions from the employer to the extent that it could not afford to reduce the level of risk and purchase additional protection.

Barnett Waddingham Trustee Training
Trustee Training

Our regular courses are aimed at both new trustees and those seeking a reminder of the basics of trusteeship.

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