If you are an organisation with a multi-generational investment horizon, we can help you take advantage of the long term nature of your organisation and deliver an investment service that truly meets your specific needs.

This involves documenting and establishing outstanding investment governance, so that investment decisions can then be made that are in line with your objectives, beliefs and investment horizon.

Building on this investment governance, our strong partnership approach will help you to make informed decisions about investment strategy and asset allocation – balancing risk and reward over the long term.   

You will also benefit from an evaluation of whether an investment opportunity, asset fund, or asset manager selection is in line with your organisation’s aims, beliefs and constraints.

In addition, we’re able to provide robust ESG/sustainable investing expertise, drawing on the knowledge and skills from across the firm, so that you can align your investment portfolio with your own values. 

A continuing focus on the investment governance of your organisation is essential. You want to be able to take investment decisions in the best conditions and have a positive impact on your investment results. 

So how do you move your organisation from a good to an outstanding level of investment governance? We’ve listed some key considerations below: 

  • set your goals and objectives
  • define your investment beliefs
  • set up an investment committee
  • clearly define the roles of various bodies inside and outside your organisation
  • document your investment arrangements in an investment policy

We will work with you to document and establish your investment governance, based on your objectives (particularly over the long term), beliefs and constraints. These three building blocks will form the basis of how your investment portfolio will be structured. Strong beliefs will help you develop the investment strategy which is in line with your values, your view on the world and investment sensitivities.

A robust investment strategy requires careful planning and a structured process. We work alongside your Board or investment committee so that our services are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Building on the investment governance work we do with you – as well your own aims, beliefs and constraints - you will then be able to decide how the investment returns will be generated, while taking  on an appropriate risk level. This will form the basis for your strategic asset allocation.

Your ability to take on risk and the long term nature of your organisation will give you a unique advantage, compared to other asset owners, to benefit from illiquidity as a major driver in the investment returns of your portfolio.

Finally, our strategy review process places the emphasis firmly on long-term objectives and beliefs. It is against this framework that we will monitor your strategy and its performance and keep you informed. 

Portfolio construction is an essential part of your journey. We will help you evaluate whether an investment opportunity is in line with your aims — in terms of return, risk, cash flow and other considerations.

You will also be supported with the process of choosing external investment managers to be delegated the asset classes or sub-asset cases to look after. We will also guide you in finding the right balance between what is best done in-house and what parts of the process or portfolio to delegate to specialists. 

Our independence means we are not restricted in our recommendations. That means we can offer a truly objective view of the managers available or the managers you already work with.

In addition, we believe it is crucial to monitor performance, not only of the individual managers, but also of the overall investment strategy, in line with your aims, your beliefs and your constraints.

Long term investors like yourself aim to construct portfolios that are sustainable and have a more positive impact on society. ESG* investing can be an effective way to align your investment portfolio with your values. 

However, assessing how to invest in a sustainable way goes beyond ensuring alignment with your values and beliefs. It can also identify material financial risk factors; for example, due to poor governance issues or environmental impacts.

Our ESG investing expertise is supported by a working group whose expertise draws on the depth of knowledge from across the firm to provide insightful and innovative research, training and support. 

Because we’re free from external stakeholders, we’re able to work in partnership with you to develop an approach that truly meets your specific, long term needs. 

* Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a set of criteria that you can use to help assess the assets you may want to invest in.

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