Combining sophisticated technology with intelligent people, our actuarial science provides you with both the data and direction you need to make clear decisions.

Our proprietary tools and expertise help you to generate accurate calculations and reports, supported by highly-skilled consultants, so you can have full confidence in your actions.

With us, you will discover robust, visual assessments of your organisation, projects and people to better prepare you for the future.

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"We needed a guide across the Himalayas… to help us through the spectrum of possibilities towards the sweet spot. BW delivered in a way that kept us motivated and interested."
Stephen Marriott Head of Pricing, NHBC

Our featured data-led services

Management decision analytics

Our unique approach to business decision analysis combines the skills of actuaries with data scientists and business consultants. Actuaries are trained to work with real data as found in most organisations; diverse, incomplete, ambiguous, dirty, large, or small.

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Pay gap reporting

BW's pay gap reporting service provides valuable insights into pay disparities within organizations. By analysing data and trends, they help businesses identify and address any gender or ethnicity pay gaps, ensuring fair compensation for all employees.

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Education sector benchmarking

In collaboration with ISBA, our sophisticated yet simple Data Navigator allows school business teams and governors to analyse business performance in comparison to an absolute standard and with other similar schools.

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Wellbeing analytics

BWell, our innovative approach to wellbeing analytics, can assess overall employee wellbeing and happiness within the workplace, allowing you to make informed decisions on your wellbeing strategy.

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Carbon emissions reporting

Our carbon emissions reporting tool is a user-centric solution that enables organisations to track and analyse their carbon emissions. It offers a comprehensive dashboard, customisable reporting options, and real-time data visualisation for effective sustainability management.

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AI supported decision-making

Our interactive AI-driven platform mimics swarm intelligence to allow groups to collaborate and quickly converge on solutions that maximise their combined intellect.

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