Using data insights to improve employee benefits

Ensuring your employees are getting the benefits they want, alongside the support they need, is crucial when defining a strong employee value proposition.  

Watch the video with Laura Matthews, Senior Wellbeing and Benefits Consultant, to see how data insights can help organisations become an employer of choice. See how we worked with a leading national museum to redefine their employee benefits offering. This included a focus on sustainability – a core value shared by both our client and their employees and delivered via 4me, our employee benefits platform.  

When we are approached to help clients devise or redevelop their employee benefits strategy, we ensure that no stone is left unturned, discussing objectives and goals with employers and gathering feedback on what employees really value. The result? The development of a range of benefits that employees really value, at a time that works for them, delivering a significant boost to workforce engagement levels.

"We’re proud to say that the client has achieved continuous levels of employee engagement — over 76%!"
Laura Matthews Senior Wellbeing and Benefits Consultant, Barnett Waddingham

How we can help you 

Our approach to understanding the happiness and wellbeing of a workforce involves unlocking an organisation’s DNA – getting under its skin, uncovering what makes it unique.  

We use people analytics to help inform decision making and strategy, in order to create value while investing sustainably for the future. We also prioritise data visualisation, helping everyone to better understand their results. 

If you think your team could benefit from our expertise please contact Laura Matthews or your existing BW consultant.