DB pensions: a world beyond Covid-19

Our 2021 DB Pensions Conference looked beyond the here and now to help trustees and pension managers consider the future challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Watch this video from the second stream of the 2021 DB Pensions Conference.

Building on the previous stream, the effects of the pandemic have been far more wide ranging than the way we make decisions. This stream focused on two other important aspects of the pandemic - the impact on covenant and on longevity.

With financial support schemes ending it seems likely that some sponsors will be facing distress. There have been some high profile distressed scheme cases in recent years and these can provide key takeaways that are relevant for other schemes. We looked at some obvious signs of distress as well as the implications these can have. A key takeaway was the contingency plans that can be put in place by trustees in preparation for future distress.

Mortality rates and future longevity expectations have been impacted by Covid-19. So, how should trustees allow for all this uncertainty when funding DB pension schemes? And can longevity risk transactions help? Watch the on-demand recording and we’ll help you to reach a meaningful conclusion.

You can also watch the videos from our other streams here. 

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