Why BWell? Survey 2016

Wellbeing is perceived in many different ways and is unique to every individual. As a result, every workplace also has a particular perception of what wellbeing in the workplace looks like, and the topic continues to trend in the employee benefits space.

Calls for more flexi-time and greater financial education have featured in key news articles, but with a significant proportion of survey respondents this year rating their current wellbeing as ‘moderate’, we feel it’s time to delve a little deeper and find out why.

Our aim is to follow up on the trends we discovered last year and build on them using our six pillars of employee wellbeing: my job, financial security, health, support, protection and work/life balance. We ask how people perceive their overall wellbeing, and what is preventing them from reaching their full potential?

We believe that it’s vital to communicate our key message far and wide: wellbeing isn’t just about health – it’s about creating true wellbeing in the workplace, which once achieved, can result in significant improvements to business performance.

We surveyed over 300 employees throughout May and June 2016, distributed across a wide range of locations, age groups and affluence levels and we have shown the results in our Why BWell? Survey 2016.


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This research was written by Carl Chapman. For further enquiries please contact Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth.

Why BWell? Survey 2016

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