Our latest wellbeing research focusses on the resilience of the UK workforce, illustrating the role employers have in ensuring their employees are ready for any challenge.

We surveyed 3,000 people across the country, representing a wide cross section of industries, locations and job types. We wanted to see how a challenging few years have impacted on the resilience of the typical UK employee, following a pandemic, a cost-of-living crisis, and turmoil across many different sectors.

Our research is comprised of three sections:

  • The tangible aspects of resilience - changing jobs, financial health and access to support
  • The intangible aspects of resilience - purpose, belonging and handling change
  • Postive vs negative resilience - what does this mean for employers?

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Employee resilience guidebook

Following the results of our national survey to gauge the resilience of the UK workforce, view our guidebook on the recommended actions for HR teams to help their employees face adversity.

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