We recently conducted a wide-reaching survey to gauge the resilience of the UK workforce. Our findings have unearthed crucial actions HR teams need to be considering in order to help their employees face adversity.

The survey, undertaken by 3,000 people, included both full and part time employees, working in various industries and locations across the country. It measured resilience against both tangible (job satisfaction, money, support) and intangible (goals, purpose, belonging) factors, allowing us to split everyone between two distinct groups - those with 'positve' and 'negative' resilience. 

We have now distilled what we've learned into a guidebook for HR professionals, outlining the key actions they should put in place to help improve the resilience of their employees. With our survey showing that unhappiness (25% of respondents) topped even pay (20% of respondents) as the biggest reason for changing jobs, your organisation could be at risk of losing vital talent if your employees aren't prepared to face challenges in their day-to-day work.

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Employee resilience guidebook 2023

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