For an ideal long-term experience, a SIPP product's features and service, and the quality and robustness of the underlying provider, all have to be right.

Our Flexible SIPP adjusts to your needs, without you needing to change product. Many simply choose one option from our panel, holding a diverse and suitable investment and banking portfolio with that panel partner and enjoying a lower annual fee. Others want wider investment flexibility in their SIPP, with a common choice being direct investment in commercial property.

Technology is redefining how we deliver our service, but we use it to enhance, rather than replace, the personable experience for which we have become widely known. SIPPs Online provides secure access to useful SIPP data and functionality, while direct access to a knowledgeable and helpful named individual is important for more complex matters. (Please note that we cannot give advice and would always recommend using a financial adviser.) Investor in Customers’ exacting independent assessment has awarded us Silver for our service.

Often overlooked, the underlying provider is arguably the most important factor. Pension savings belong in reliable hands – the provider’s integrity, long-term commitment, ongoing investment and strength are essential. Our calibre as a firm should provide great reassurance. In its assessments, AKG, an independent specialist in ratings, continues to rate our SIPP business as “Strong”.

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We provide financial advisers with the technical back-up and expertise that helps support your business and your clients, both now and into the future.  For instance, you can expect a dedicated point of contact, annual CPD-accredited seminars and in-depth technical briefings.


We strongly suggest you seek financial advice prior to application and during the lifespan of a SIPP.

If you wish to find a financial adviser, we suggest you visit this website.


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