The situation surrounding coronavirus continues to evolve but we have been working successfully to help clients meet their objectives and priorities without interruption.

"I am proud and inspired by the way our firm has risen to the challenge of working through the pandemic – with flexibility, resilience and a caring heart."
Andrew Vaughan Senior Partner

Prior to the pandemic, Barnett Waddingham had a number of measures in place to ensure business continuity when dealing with any significant disruptions, and these are tested regularly as part of our robust Business Continuity Plan. Since the beginning of the first national lockdown, many of these measures have allowed us to deal ably with the situation.

  • All of our 1,330+ people have laptops with video conferencing software and most are now working remotely, being contactable by phone and email in the usual way. Our ongoing investment in IT systems ensured that we were already working in a largely paperless manner and our people can access all necessary documentation and systems remotely, whilst following our secure processes and controls. 

Thanks to the preparedness of our Pension Administration team, over


pensioners successfully received their payment as normal amid the first week of the lockdown in March 2020.

  • Following the easing of the UK Government’s latest national lockdown restrictions, all of our offices are now open and operating in a controlled manner, with reduced occupancy and under strict safety measures to keep risks to a minimum. This includes the presence of key workers to ensure we continue essential services that cannot reasonably be performed from home, including processing post and maintaining our IT systems.
  • At this time we encourage all clients to send any correspondence, where possible, via email or through BWebstream which we use to share files securely with clients, members and other contacts alike.
  • We continue to process and receive electronic payments in the usual way and we encourage any members and clients to use electronic payments rather than cheques to avoid settlement delays if sending us money. 

satisfaction rating of


for the experience of returning to the office, based on our survey of BW workers who have so far returned.



of our workers returning to the office who responded to our survey said they felt safe, supported, informed and had good provision of sanitising products.

  • We have secure and reliable telephone and video conferencing facilities available for use to ensure client meetings continue uninterrupted. Our information security standards are internationally certified.
  • Safety measures within our offices currently include one-way systems and access points, desk and meeting room booking systems, two-metre distancing, ample provisions of sanitation products, and regular deep cleaning of equipment, surfaces and furnishings.
  • We have run regular employee wellness surveys and checks to help our people adjust to the changes. These have been well received and will continue to help inform us of preferences to working practices and actions.
  • We have continued our training programmes and staff development initiatives. This includes on-boarding of new staff, which now combines both virtual and in-office induction and training.
  • Longer term, we are reviewing our ‘smart working’ policy based on staff feedback and also what best meets our clients' needs. Our approach going forward is to identify the right balance of working from an office, and those working from home to support our clients. We envisage a combination of home and office working continuing for the foreseeable future and possibly longer term in some cases.

We continue to monitor the situation as it develops, and will take the appropriate action as necessary. We want you to know how much we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time. Should you have any queries whatsoever, please speak with your key contact(s) at Barnett Waddingham as soon as possible.


Some feedback from our clients and members

"Barnett Waddingham’s transition to work from home during the coronavirus has been exceptional. To be frank, I didn’t even notice on my first call. To me, it feels like business as usual."
"Online logging in is unaffected. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for such a robust virtual work from home transition."
"It is great to see that BW are proactive and efficient…communication like this goes a long way to help justify the decision we made to change SIPP providers."