The situation surrounding coronavirus is fast moving but we can reassure you that we are doing everything we can to help clients in meeting their objectives and priorities.  

We have a number of measures in place at Barnett Waddingham to ensure that we have business continuity when dealing with any significant events (such as the possible impacts of Covid-19), and these are tested regularly as part of our robust Business Continuity Plan:

  • All of our 1,250+ people have laptops and are being encouraged to work remotely where they can and are contactable by phone and email in the usual way.  Our ongoing investment in IT systems means that we already work in a largely paperless manner and our people can access all necessary documentation and systems remotely, whilst following our usual processes and controls.
  • Following the Government’s latest precautionary measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, our offices in London, Glasgow and Bristol are presently closed. Thanks to the robust measures we have taken – including our well-established use of Smart Working IT systems – we are able to continue operating the business with minimal impact to our client service delivery.
  • We have eight separate UK offices so should any more of our offices have to close, we will be able to house some people from that office in another and also pass over much of the administration functions, such as post handling. 
  • At this time we encourage all clients to send any correspondence, where possible, via email or through BWebstream which we use to share files securely with clients, members and other contacts alike. 
  • Our cross team and office working practices enable us to use our resources to support each other when necessary.  In the event that resourcing levels are compromised due to illness or inability to work, we will consider how resources are used to their best advantage to meet client needs. It is likely that will mean prioritisation of urgent workloads and we will inform our clients should such a situation arise. 
  • We continue to process and receive electronic payments in the usual way and we encourage any members and clients to use electronic payments rather than cheques to avoid settlement delays if sending us money. 
  • We have excellent telephone and video conferencing facilities available for use to ensure client meetings can continue.

We continue to monitor the situation as it develops, and will take the appropriate action as necessary. We want you to know how much we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this time. Should you have any queries whatsoever, please speak with your key contact(s) at Barnett Waddingham as soon as possible.