Our multi-award winning employee benefit team works with our clients to understand their unique needs, so they can provide help and advice tailored specifically for them.

In this hub, you’ll find our independent insights and analysis on workplace wellbeing and health, which form part of our efforts to keep our employee benefit clients in-the-know about all the most relevant developments.

Our employee benefits and wellbeing services

Providing advice and support for our employee benefit clients starts with understanding that every organisation is different. We work in tandem to ensure their benefit packages and wellbeing platforms are right for them. 

The result? A happier, healthier and more engaged workforce.

Our work is re-enforced by our own in-house benefit technology, including our digital employee engagement platform, 4me, which offers a seamless blend of benefits and sustainability pledges, helping employees contribute to ESG efforts.


Award-winning solutions

Benefit consulting services recognised at the WSB Awards

Barnett Waddingham took home one of the top honours at the 2023 Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards.


Benefits and engagement platform

Attract, retain and motivate employees with 4me, our digital engagement platform that helps them get the most out of their benefits.

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BWell Financially

We've launched BWell Financially to offer bespoke financial wellbeing strategies that improve employee financial wellbeing and productivity.

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