We help our clients to see the big picture and to take a truly integrated approach to the risk management of their DB pension scheme. Good risk management of DB pension schemes is becoming increasingly important as they mature. We recognise that every scheme is different and will help you identify the key issues for your scheme.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has also emphasised the importance of risk management through its guidance to trustees on Integrated Risk Management (IRM).

How to contingency plan

TPR expects all schemes to plan for contingency. However, when we surveyed trustees on risk management, only 17% had a formal strategy. What should trustees be doing? Our guide explains how to manage risk holistically.

Contingency planning for DB pension schemes

As a trustee, are you aware of what the biggest risks are to your pension scheme? Watch our risk management expert, Chris Ramsey, explain the importance of contingency planning for DB pensions schemes.


Pension schemes face many risks. Our approach focuses on the broader view. We help trustees and sponsors identify key issues their scheme is facing.


Our consultants provide advice that is bespoke to your needs. No two schemes are the same, so we make sure our advice is appropriate to your circumstances.


Illuminate helps our consultants provide expert advice efficiently. Trustees can develop an integrated strategy, with a fully integrated monitoring framework and demonstrate compliance with TPR’s IRM guidance.

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