Ian Mills BSc FIA

Partner and Head of DB Endgame Strategy

Ian advises pension trustees and sponsors on developing and implementing strategies for achieving the long-term goals of their pension scheme. He helps clients to identify and define their endgame objectives, and then helps them to build and implement integrated funding, investment and covenant strategies tailored to their unique circumstances.

Ian’s advisory style is pragmatic and collaborative. He works with his clients and their other advisers to explore the options, but then puts himself in the client’s shoes to provide a clear recommendation as to what he would do if he were them. He does not over-engineer, but provides clear and actionable advice to help pension schemes take control of their situation, by focusing on the issues that will have the biggest impact.

Significant experience:

  • led the strategic advice to DB schemes from £15m to £25bn
  • has taken trustee clients on the journey from open schemes to full buyout
  • has advised on buy-in and buyout transactions from a few million to multi-billion
  • part of the team that designed and executed the UK’s first ever pension scheme longevity swap transaction
  • is an expert in the design and implementation of LDI strategies
  • is a member of Barnett Waddingham’s Research Board that oversees the strategic direction of all our investment research
  • served as a trustee of a former employer’s (Credit Suisse) large DB and DC pension scheme


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