Chris Ramsey FIA

Partner and Head of DB Endgame Consulting

Chris is a Partner and Scheme Actuary based in our London office.

Much of Chris’s time is spent helping trustees and sponsors develop long term strategies, risk management frameworks and de-risking plans – ultimately helping them achieve their goals. He also has significant experience of member options/liability management projects.

Chris is Head of DB Endgame Consulting, meaning he is responsible for ensuring our consultants are well placed to advise clients on their long-term journey to their chosen objective (for example, buy-out), both from a financial and practical perspective. He is also the consultant leading the development of our Illuminate system and focusses on ensuring it helps our clients make good long-term strategic decisions.

Significant experience:

  • Scheme Actuary advice
  • Strategic journey planning
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Liability management exercises / member option design
  • GMP equalisation
  • PPF levy mitigation
  • Company accounting advice

Other expertise:

Chris is a regular speaker at industry events and Chair of the Society of Pension Professional’s Defined Benefit committee, where he inputs into consultation responses on pensions matters.

Chris was also a member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ working party on Integrated Risk Management (IRM). As part of this he co-authored an award-winning guide for actuaries on how to implement IRM in practice.

For several years Chris lead our team that advises clients on the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) levy and how it can be managed.


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