Vanessa Smart FIA


Vanessa is a Scheme Actuary and involved in a wide range of pension scheme work on behalf of trustees and employers.   She also carries out expert witness work.

Vanessa advises both trustees and companies on all issues regarding final salary schemes, including actuarial valuations, investment advice, benefit design, scheme wind-ups and mergers and acquisitions. 

She is a Scheme Actuary to a wide range of UK and multi-national businesses and believes in the importance of providing clear and concise advice in a friendly and open manner.

Vanessa also specializes in one-off cases, including pension loss due to illness or redundancy, trust apportionments and expert witness work relating to final salary pension schemes.

Significant experience:

  • scheme actuary to a wide range of UK and multi-national companies

  • advice to both trustees and companies on liability-reduction exercises

  • project work for companies advising on changes to pension scheme benefits

  • preparation of UK and international accounting disclosures for companies

  • has been involved in some large prominent Expert Witness cases regarding incorrect payment of benefits to members, equalisation issues, corporate restructuring and the funding of final salary pension schemes

  • has also been the named expert on pension loss and life trust apportionment cases