Mark Norquay FFA

Associate and Actuary

Mark acts as Fund Actuary to a number of large Local Government pension funds.  This includes advising on overall funding strategy, setting contributions at actuarial valuations or when employers join/leave and preparing accounting disclosures for the participating employers.

He has particular expertise with bulk transfers and employer restructurings as well as developing and advising on integrated funding approaches within LGPS funds which take account of each employer’s covenant and their other particular circumstances.

Mark’s ability to break down complicated situations (e.g. historic risk-sharing agreements or links between employers in the same LGPS Fund) and provide clear advice that his client can rely on has made him a trusted adviser to some of the largest LGPS Funds in the country.

Significant experience:

  • advice to LGPS Funds with assets ranging between £500m and £4.5bn
  • negotiating, calculating and agreeing an average of 20 bulk transfers each year
  • producing complex accounting disclosures where employers have merged, have ceased to trade or have risk-sharing agreements implemented
  • providing advice on the treatment of LGPS pension liabilities where there is no longer an active sponsor

Other expertise:

  • advised on implementing employer-specific funding strategies, the first of its kind in the Local Government Pension Scheme
  • recalculating pension liabilities based on historic pension agreements which are discovered and reinterpreted many years after they were first made


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