Katherine Fossett

Associate and Longevity Consultant

Katherine works in our Insurance and Longevity team with a focus on helping clients understand longevity and mortality risks.

Katherine has worked extensively with several Committees of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) since 2012. She is currently Secretary of the SAPS Committee.

Katherine began her career in Barnett Waddingham’s Trustee Consulting practice area where she gained experience of a wide variety of projects. She uses her background in pensions to provide guidance on deriving mortality assumptions for pension schemes.

Katherine has been based in the Glasgow office since 2016, having previously worked in the London office.

Significant experience:

  • Secretary of the CMI SAPS Committee
  • previously Assistant Secretary of CMI Mortality Projections Committee and Secretary to the CMI High Age Mortality Working Party
  • deriving scheme specific mortality assumptions for pension schemes
  • delivering advice for both trustees and employers on a wide range of pension scheme work including triennial valuations, accounting advice, incentive exercises and factor reviews
  • speaker on behalf of the CMI at the ACA Conference in 2016


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