Why BWell? Survey

We believe that many employers are mindful of the benefits that high wellbeing in their workforce produces, and want to find ways to improve, yet fail to turn this desire into a fully functioning wellbeing strategy.

Our Why BWell? Survey has been designed to help gain better understanding of what wellbeing means to current UK employees as measured against our Six Pillars of Employee Wellbeing - job security, financial security, health, support, protection and work/life balance - producing fascinating insight as highlighted in some of our key results below.

When asked in the survey if employees felt their employer is paternal/inclusive/they don't care, the answers show a broadly similar result. 27% of the 18-29 age group, 21% of the 30-49 age group and 24% of the 50+ group say that they feel their employer doesn't care.

There is evidence to suggest that employees want to feel in partnership with their employer, as well as their employer caring about them. Where this support is absent, it can create an environment of disillusionment, which in turn can impact heavily on productivity and engagement.

To find out more, please download the full survey results below.

This research was written by Carl Chapman. For further enquiries please contact Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth.


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