Why BWell: exploring wellbeing in the workplace in 2017

Our research has shown that two thirds of UK workers admit to coasting or struggling in the workplace, with just 18% reporting they’re flourishing.

We’ve surveyed UK workers to determine the overall level of wellbeing and happiness in the workplace. The findings from our survey are a reminder foremost of the necessity for a robust and holistic wellbeing strategy to meet the needs of employees.

Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth at Barnett Waddingham said: “Work should and will become a symbiotic relationship between employer and employee, with the pursuit of Eudaimonia - happiness and flourishing - within the workplace as key. 

Sadly, the results from this survey tell me there is a very long way to go before UK workers will feel happy, and as a consequence, productive in the workplace. By considering employees’ happiness and workplace wellbeing, employers would reap the benefits of reduced absence and increased productivity. Not by following fad or fashion but by understanding the real issues impacting the workforce, and where possible, actually doing something about them.

Given the ominous position the UK now finds itself in, improving productivity I believe becomes ever more fundamental. Indeed, the success of UK public limited companies are dependent on it.”

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Why BWell Survey 2017

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