Survey of universities’ disclosures: accounting for pension costs

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  • Paul Hamilton

    Paul Hamilton


  • With the release of our ninth annual survey of universities’ pensions accounting disclosures we examine the range of assumptions used by UK universities to determine the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes.

    Our main focus for this survey is the Self-Administered Trusts (SATs) – standalone defined benefit (DB) pension schemes operated by a number of universities for non-academic staff. 

    The survey reveals the significance of these schemes in the context of the overall finances of universities, as well as the assumptions used in their FRS102 disclosures as at 31 July 2019. 

    "With yields continuing to fall and ever increased levels of uncertainty around financial markets and within the sector as a whole, the impact of pensions on university finances has never been more significant.” Paul Hamilton, Partner and Head of Higher Education."
    Paul Hamilton Partner and Head of Higher Education, Barnett Waddingham

    Using figures from a sample of 37 universities operating SATs, our survey can provide an excellent basis to help you formulate your own assumptions under FRS102 for future disclosures. 

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