McCloud and Sargeant: what are the implications for the LGPS?

Published by Melanie Durrant on

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  • Melanie Durrant

    Melanie Durrant

    Principal and Actuary

  • Since the last article we posted on the McCloud and Sargeant judgements, we are still not much closer to agreeing a remedy and the amount of ‘new’ information is limited.
    Despite this, it’s important to understand what some of the financial implications on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) might be, to afford yourself enough time to plan ahead.
    In this briefing note, we examine the below.
    • Extensions of the underpin protections 
    • Financial implications on LGPS funds 
    • Changing the protection period 
    • The impact on different LGPS employer types 
    • Non financial considerations

    Find out more by downloading the briefing note below.

    Discover more in our briefing note

    Understand what some of the financial implications of McCloud and Sargeant on the LGPS might be.

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