A disrupted year in pensions investing

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  • Chris Handley

    Chris Handley

    Associate and Investment Consultant

  • Investment markets have been dominated by significant uncertainty and disruption during 2020 and there was a wide range of outcomes for different pension schemes. This creates a perfect opportunity for trustees and sponsors of pension schemes to take stock of the impact of their investment strategy and decision making framework on funding level outcomes over the past year.

    When considering whether any changes in your scheme’s governance approach are appropriate, it is usually sensible to reflect on whether there is anything that can be materially improved.

    It is clear from the past 12 months that having a robust strategy and effective governance framework in place does play a huge part in how well pension schemes can navigate these choppy waters.

    Looking forward, we consider potential investment opportunities and risks, as wells as enhancements that could be made to governance frameworks to improve resilience for whatever 2021 and beyond has installed for the global economy and markets. 

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