Is there an impact for employers of NHS cancer drug restriction?

We have all seen the headlines this week which commented that the NHS is no longer to fund a number of life prolonging cancer drugs. This news has been met with anger among certain charities and medical professionals and as we have most likely all been touched by cancer probably worries many of us too.

The news is also of interest to employers who provide private medical care for their staff. Whilst the decision has been taken to remove approximately 21 life prolonging drugs the NHS will continue to provide, in the most part, excellent cancer treatment. In fact one would assume the thought behind this is to focus spending on more effective cancer treatments and importantly education to assist prevention.

This further supports our Wellbeing message of the need for employers to consider altering their medical insurance plans to utilise the NHS where appropriate and step in where the NHS cannot. If the NHS continues to provide a world respected service in the early and effective stages of treatment then they should be allowed to do so. Medical insurance can be manipulated to provide cover for the stages the NHS is perhaps not so good at, for example quick diagnosis, certain non-approved drugs and palliative care.

After all medical insurance was designed to compliment the NHS not replace it.

This blog post was written by Carl Chapman. For further enquiries please contact Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth.

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