D&B to change scoring methodology

D&B have announced that they are going to be making widespread changes to the way they calculate failure scores.

They intend to introduce these changes from January 2014 (i.e. before the PPF switches to Experian as it’s insolvency risk provider in April 2014 – see August 2013 news below), creating great uncertainty around the final failure scores that will be used to calculate 2014/15 PPF Levies.

It is understood that D&B have been liaising with the PPF on these changes, and a number of options are being considered as to how the changes will impact PPF levies. It is not entirely clear if the PPF will use D&B’s new model but if they did, this would impact levy scores from either the end of January or February 2014. An announcement with further details is expected before the end of the year.

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