The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) is a safety net for members of defined benefit pension schemes who previously would have lost their benefits when their employer went insolvent.

While the PPF provides a level of security for pension scheme members, one of its sources of funding, the PPF levy, can be a very large expense for companies. Many consider it unfair to place the pension burden of failed employers onto those already struggling with their own schemes. We have advised a large number of companies and trustees in relation to the management of the PPF levy.

This site provides employers and trustees with a guide to the workings of the PPF, an explanation of the way levies are calculated, and also provides practical advice in relation to managing the size of the PPF levy.

Webinar: Implications of the PPF’s levy consultation

Back in 2017, the PPF released a consultation, setting out draft rules for the PPF levy and significant changes on the way this will be calculated. We’ll be looking at the impact of these proposals and what actions trustees and employers can as a result.