Creating a sense of realism

At the heart of any effective wellbeing strategy is a comprehensive understanding of your workforce.

Realism, not romanticism

Depicting a realistic representation of employees requires an in depth knowledge of them as individuals, rather than a blanket approach. We reject the ‘one size fits all’ attitude to benefits provision, understanding that each individual is unique and in an ever-changing market landscape, it’s clear that innovative and tailored solutions are required to revolutionise outdated industry standards.

Beginning with analytics allows you to look closely at who you’re trying engage, in order to start painting a true picture of your workforce. By starting with analysing age and affluence you can start to understand likely aims and objectives at any point, as well as giving you an insight into saving habits and benefit requirements.

"Depicting a realistic representation of employees requires an in depth knowledge of them as individuals, rather than a blanket approach. "

Life drawing

Gaining access to this level of detailed data allows you to project forward and find out where your employees might need specific messaging in the future. By using analytics to develop an accurate depiction of what an employee’s individual needs are at every stage of their working life – in all its light and colour - we find out what they will value the most from their reward package.

For example, you can mitigate risks by analysing and understanding claims and absence data; provide adequate benefits for those impacted by significant life events; or educate those who are likely to be affected by changes to pension legislation.

A new perspective

Once you have achieved a full understanding of your workforce, you can then sculpt your reward and engagement strategy and start moulding communications so that the right people are getting pertinent messages, delivered in the best way and at the right time of their lives.

In order to provide a unique solution, we developed an innovative modular online tool, Me2, to help employers engage with their employees.

Rejecting traditional art forms

Me2 goes against the traditional approach to mass benefit provision as everything is focussed on the employee as an individual and speaks to them in an accessible way.  It communicates with them concerning areas that they have identified as being important to them and shows outcomes based on these.

Me2 is rather like holding up a self-portrait for employees, it reflects real life scenarios, which can help to educate so they can make better informed decisions, particularly when faced with significant life events.

By bringing the employee into sharp focus in the foreground and concentrating on data and analytics at the very outset, we offer a clear vison and the tools to build a holistic wellbeing strategy that works for both the employer and employee.

Workplace Pensions Live

We’re bringing our ‘bigger picture’ approach to Workplace Pensions Live this year.

Our unique stand will act as a blank canvas and, across two days, we’ll listen to the issues and concerns currently affecting the industry and through artist Barbara Moura, we’ll interpret your views to illustrate the industry’s ‘bigger picture’.

Join us in Birmingham between 11 – 12 May to take part and see our stand come to life.