Assessment of mental health risks within the workplace

Following the publication today of Dame Sally Davies’ annual report into mental health which shows mental illness leads to the loss of 70 million working days in the UK.

It is probably no great surprise that Dame Sally Davies’ report shows that mental health needs to become more of a priority, especially considering that mental illness now leads to the loss of 70 million working days per annum in the UK, an increase of 24% from 2009.

I agree with Dame Sally Davies that while the NHS can and needs to increase funding and reduce treatment waiting times, the workplace is also extremely important in tackling the issue.

The most effective strategy to combat mental ill health in the workplace is a combination of analysis, prevention and intervention in line with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

It is important that employers spend time analysing where the health risks are within their business and putting measures to tackle mental ill health in the workplace. This can be done through line manager training, support and flexibility; and ensuring that where intervention is needed, it is sourced quickly is relevant and efficient.

This blog post was written by Carl Chapman. For further enquiries please contact Damian Stancombe, Head of Workplace Health and Wealth.

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