Meeting preparation and actions could include:

  • Prior to the meeting – the chairman or scheme secretary reviewing potential conflicts arising on the agenda and discussing with those involved how best to deal with them
  • Noting the register of interests, record of conflicts of interest and the gifts and hospitality register and whether any changes need to be made
  • Ensuring that information relevant to conflicts of interest (a register of interests, conflict policies etc) has been provided by any new trustees and advisers
  • Noting any forthcoming agenda items or items of work where conflicts of interest are expected to be an issue and considering how to deal with them
  • Declaring and minuting all conflicts that have arisen during a decision-making process, and recording the actions taken to manage or avoid them
  • Considering whether legal advice is required to deal with complex or material conflicts of interest
  • Periodically reviewing the arrangements for dealing with conflicts of interest to check whether they remain appropriate