We believe that all employers have unique health, protection and wellbeing risks; our workplace health solutions are designed to be tailored to target those specific risks whatever they may be.

At Barnett Waddingham we help a number of charity and not for profit (NFP) organisations with these challenges and our services for wellbeing cover three distinct areas:

  • Core service – consultancy, administration and procurement of all health, protection and wellbeing products and insurances
  • BWell – a wellbeing solution which includes a detailed workforce analysis, wellbeing strategy build and ongoing governance
  • Me2 – an engagement portal that connects the wellbeing strategy with the end user; the employee

Core service

We believe that our clients should benefit from a solid foundation of great administration and timely procurement while also benefiting from innovative consultancy that is tailored to them and provides a return on investment.

We are wholly independent of any product and therefore our consultancy is always in the best interests of our clients. We proactively notify our clients of all legislative updates and ensure that their policies remain up to date.

Aside from general day to day advice we also assist in benefit design consultancy ensuring your benefits remain fit for purpose.

Managing a wide range of benefits and ensuring that they remain in line with the latest legislation, remain fit for purpose and are continuously managed and maintained is no small undertaking; we take that burden away from our clients.

We provide full management in relation to medical underwriting, renewals, accounts, claims and policy document management. 

We are proactive and methodical in our approach to administration and we see it as an integral part of our service offering.

We do not believe that once policies are in place our job is done, we regularly review the market to ensure that our clients are insured with the most appropriate provider based upon their needs.  We have a panel of insurers who must pass strict criteria to get on and remain on panel and we continuously assess against service levels and financial security.  If any of these fall below acceptable levels, we take steps to resolve direct with them or if we see no improvement remove them from our panel.


Wellbeing is a buzzword at the moment and many companies are exploring how wellbeing can have a positive impact on its business both for the employee and employer. We believe that creating a robust wellbeing strategy is key when it comes to creating a tangible return on investment on your total reward and benefits spend.

We believe that there are six pillars of employee wellbeing that impact how an employee performs in their role.

Our six pillars of wellbeing

My job

Financial security



work/life balance


Traditionally wellbeing has only been attributable to health but we believe it is much more than that. In reality you could have the physical prowess of an athlete but if you are struggling with problem debt or are working 8am to 8pm every day because of high workloads then it will have an impact on wellbeing.

High wellbeing across a workforce can have significant benefits to a business and we believe that if wellbeing is deemed high across the six pillars across a workforce the following benefits can be achieved:

Better engagement

Increased productivity

Reduced absence

Higher attraction and retention

Lower insurance premiums

Reduced accidents at work


By using our innovative and multi award winning wellbeing tool BWell, we would look to gain an understanding of the current risks that exist within your workforce along with your employees’ perception of their own wellbeing against our six pillars framework. 

BWell uses emotive surveying and trend analysis, as well as forecasting to build a dashboard style report identifying risks and ensures accurate targeting when implementing education, prevention and intervention solutions.

We also take absence and claims data from your group risk insurance policies to establish existing health risks, while also forecasting five years into the future to give insight into future absence and insurance costs should no intervention take place.

We are happy to offer our BWell analysis for free to our Charity and NFP clients.  Once we understand the health and wellbeing risks we can build a strategy that targets those risks.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the build phase as all companies will have unique risks.  We work with our clients to understand which of the problem areas they wish to target and help them design a strategy to combat those wellbeing risks.

We could build the best strategy in the world but if we fail to communicate it and let employees connect into it our efforts would be wasted. This is where our Me2 technology is used to give employees access to the entire wellbeing and reward strategy

Regular governance is fundamental to ensuring that the strategy remains relevant.

Further surveys and modelling on an annual basis ensure the strategy remains fit for purpose while also evidencing the return on investment the employer has achieved to date.