Our award-winning business risk advisory and analytics team comprises global leaders in business continuity management and crisis planning.

The best way for a business to build resilience is by creating a business continuity plan that protects your organisation from threats and allows for continued operation in the event of a crisis. While risk management identifies potential threats to an organisation, it is important to be ready just in case something unexpected happens.

Our business continuity consultants have a diverse skill set and can work with you to build organisational resilience, mitigate risk and improve your response readiness in a practical, effective and proportionate manner.

The business continuity and resilience solutions we can help you with include: 

One of the best ways to assess and validate your crisis management and business continuity plans is to run them through a simulation or exercise. Crisis exercises ensure that you’re providing assurances to your organisation, clients, regulators and other relevant stakeholders in relation to your ability to withstand disruption and crisis. 

We can work with you to devise scenarios for you to facilitate yourself or provide session structure ourselves. We can then provide a report including recommendations for improvements based on session outcomes and the responses of your team.

Our exercises will be tailored to suit the maturity and experience of your team and range from desktop exercises to media-enhanced, realistic crisis simulations.

Our consultants have conducted exercises in over 50 countries. They are well versed in working with crisis management and business continuity teams with a range of experience, from total beginners to well-oiled machines. Irrespective of the maturity of the team, there is always something to learn and improve upon.

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After any incident, you want to be able to capture the lessons learnt and feed them back into your business continuity lifecycle. You want to give people the opportunity to voice their views on their experience of the incident and how things might be improved.

Sometimes this can be a challenge if you need to facilitate a session with all parties involved in the incident whilst providing outside perspective. Understandably, emotions play their part and perspectives may be questioned.

In these circumstances, it can be useful to have a neutral and objective facilitator involved in the session. Our consultants have significant experience in this area and have the ability to facilitate sessions with people from all levels of an organisation, including the C-Suite.

We will help you to run the session, allowing for all voices to be heard while keeping the meeting focussed. We will provide you with a follow-up report outlining observations and recommendations that align with industry best practice.

Business Continuity Management is an iterative and dynamic process. We can help you to review your business continuity strategy, revisit your approach to Business Impact Analysis and work with you to develop confidence in your approach.

Depending on your needs, we can review and audit your documentation, including your frameworks and policies. We can coach you on how best to approach this in line with your business processes. Alternatively, we can work alongside you to help bring you up to the state of maturity you require.

We can also work with you to ensure you have the right people on your teams and that they are trained appropriately. After all, people are at the heart of every response.

Once the plans are in place, we can then work with you to help exercise the plans and ensure that they are validated and provide the necessary assurances. 

Whether you need to update or draft a new Business Continuity Plan or Crisis Management Plan, or create a specialist plan, we can help. 

Our business continuity solutions will provide support throughout the development of the BCP, including writing sections, reviewing the document and answering questions.

At the end of this process, your organisation will have a business continuity framework in place that is linked directly to how your company operates. The plan will then be ready for testing and validating through a desktop exercise to ensure that it contains everything necessary to respond to a disruption.

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans must be combined to build resilience. We will work with you to develop emergency response plans that cover how to respond to specific threats and scenarios for your business. 

Our disaster recovery services will help develop incident response plans based on industry best practice and regulations relating to business resilience.

We understand that it can sometimes be challenging to engage people on the subject of business continuity and crisis management.

We offer coaching and advice consultations to help you build your presence in your organisation.

We also offer training sessions to help people across your organisation understand the importance of business continuity. Training is tailored for either business continuity teams, crisis management teams or delivered for general awareness. This helps reassure staff that there are sufficient plans in place, should an incident occur.

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