We've now released four insightful research papers. Using robust survey techniques, they show that only 19% of employees think there is a high level of wellbeing in their workplace.

In contrast, 61% of employers believe this to be the case. This suggests that employers do not have an accurate understanding of the needs of their employees.

This gap is not restricted to wellbeing. A lack of open, honest communication and engagement between employers and employees is creating a sense of “them and us” rather than “we.” Only 15% of employees believe the success generated by the organisation is shared fairly, compared to 70% of employers. 

When looking specifically at how remuneration is communicated, the gap is almost just as wide. Only 32% of employees feel that there is genuine openness and transparency about remuneration, compared to 68% for employers – a gap of 36%. 

The lack of trust within organisations should be of real concern for employers.

Key findings


of employees believe their organisation will be more successful in five years’ time compared to 77% of employers


of employees are "coasting" at work and have significantly lower levels of employment experience and satisfaction than their more productive colleagues


of employees believe that organisational success is shared fairly compared to 70% of employers and there is also a strong belief that the pay gap is too wide


of employees believe the level of wellbeing in their organisation is high compared to 61% of employers

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Damian Stancombe - Head of Workplace Health and Wealth

"The gap and misalignment between employer rhetoric and employee reality needs to be recognised and taken more seriously. In some businesses the gap is a huge chasm and in others a mere plank of wood would adequately span the divide. The problem is companies have failed to identify the size and nature of the gap. Nevertheless, bridging it will help employers reap the benefits of a two-way adult relationship, increasing productivity and having a more engaged workforce."

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