Understanding your Employer DNA

Businesses share many similarities, but – as with biological DNA – the precise way your organisation operates remains unique. Understanding this ‘Employer DNA’ can give you the insights and actions that will allow your business to evolve and thrive.

By properly analysing the data your organisation holds, you can then turn this information into intelligence, which can then be used to make more informed decisions and deliver real transformation within your organisation.

Nick Griggs explains that, to ensure your business thrives within a challenging and competitive ‘ecosystem’, you must first understand your organisation’s DNA.

"The way your business responds to its environment is determined by its DNA. The markets in which your business operates are habitats. This ecosystem is competitive. It is quite literally, survival of the fittest."
Nick Griggs Partner, Head of Employer Consulting, Barnett Waddingham

Watch our latest Employer DNA broadcast where experts from the CBI and Barnett Waddingham discuss the value in understanding what makes your organisation unique and how you can use this to maximise competitive advantage.

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