Empowering Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Damian Stancombe

    Damian Stancombe

    Partner and Head of DrumRoll

  • Melissa Blissett

    Melissa Blissett

    Senior Consultant – Pay Gap Analytics

  • The DNA Experience virtual conference, held during April and May 2021, aimed to provide thought-provoking insights to help organisations understand and leverage what makes them unique — their Employer DNA.

    Watch this video from the second stream of the conference.

    We spoke about how the culture of an organisation is key to defining what makes it unique and explored the importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in creating a positive employee experience. We examined how building the right culture enables an organisation to evolve and to flourish.

    Our speakers discussed how genuine D&I is more than just “talking the talk” — it’s about identifying the tangible steps needed in order to embed D&I authentically into a workplace culture. 

    Plus, using the power of data analytics, we examined pay gap analysis & reporting and how to practically interpret an organisation’s data to better understand and address its pay gap. 

    You can also watch the videos from our other streams here

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    Our heritage in actuarial science means we are ideally placed to examine the DNA profile of a business. By getting under the skin of an organisation, we bring information to the surface, helping your business to evolve.

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