The Wellbeing Agenda: changing priorities in the workplace

Wellbeing is high on the agenda for businesses in the UK – but half of employers don’t feel like they are dealing with mental health effectively.


of organisations see mental health as a priority


of organisations are dealing with mental health effectively


of people experience mental health issues every year

There’s no doubt that mental health has a big impact on business; a positive wellbeing increases employee happiness, engagement and productivity.

Wellbeing should be core to a company’s people proposition and business – one that needs employers to understand their employees through insights and data.

“The mental health landscape has changed so much it is almost unrecognisable. However, despite the positive themes running through these findings, 22% of organisations still don’t see mental health as a priority. For it to be taken more seriously, employers need to understand the impact it can have on a business – as well as the individual.

Research from MIND suggests that 1 in 4 people will experience mental health in any one year, which could be 25% of any workforce. If we don’t start to take mental health seriously, it may well damage an organisations reputation, profitability or eventually bring a business to its knees.”

Laura Matthews, Workplace Wellbeing Consultant

The Wellbeing Agenda: changing priorities in the workplace

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