UK with-profits funds: investment performance and strategy 2019

Now in its sixth year, our with-profits investment performance and strategy report is now available. The report is widely regarded across the insurance sector, providing vital analyses and insight into the investment strategies of UK with-profits funds. Our latest report also includes additional analyses on investment expenses.

The report enables insurers to compare the performance over the most recent one and five year periods, leading to better, more informed decision making. We aim to stimulate debate amongst insurers on the different approaches taken by insurers and what might work for them.

Despite equity markets and other key asset classes producing negative returns in 2018, with-profits funds continued to produce impressive investment returns.

With-profits funds continue to deliver strong equity performance.

The average fund return has been significantly higher than the benchmark over both one and five year periods. However, the performance against other asset classes lagged behind. The report therefore highlights how important it is for insurers to spend as much time focusing on the performance of these asset classes as they do on equities.

UK with-profits funds: Download

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