Preparing investment strategies for the FTSE 350 endgame

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  • For the FTSE 350 companies, our research shows that a clear opportunity is emerging: over 50% of FTSE 350 companies could be in a position to buyout their defined benefit (DB) scheme in the next ten years.

    However, while most companies have spent significant time constructing their existing investment strategies and portfolios, many have yet to undertake a deeper dive into evolving their strategy over time to take into account near and long-term market variables.

    "Getting your investment strategy right requires impartial expertise, coordination and analysis."

    For some companies, this lack of clarity could mean they are at risk of missing a timely buyout, and could mean they are exposed to even greater risk when considering movements in interest rates and inflation, unpredictable cashflows, overpriced asset classes, and many other uncertainties.

    As our latest report on this topic explains, it is strategy that drives the majority of long-term investment returns and makes the greatest difference to the level of risk within a scheme. Getting that strategy right requires impartial expertise, coordination and analysis.

    This exclusive study into the evolving investment strategies of the FTSE 350 DB schemes is now available.


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    Preparing investment strategies for the FTSE 350 endgame

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