Our 2021 report shows there has been a 90% increase in pension schemes with assets over £1 billion since our first report in 2013.

This means there are a lot more schemes and employers with more significant pension challenges at a time when there’s about to be a step change in regulatory expectations on governance and risk management.

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The report is based on publicly available data with year ends up to 31 March 2021. The survey covers nearly 300 schemes, with assets totalling around £1.4 trillion. Not all schemes are included in all sections of our survey results, which depend on the data available.

"It is increasingly important for each of these large schemes to clearly carve out and effectively execute their own path through the ‘crowd’ and they can only do this if they ensure they have the support and advice which prioritises their specific individual needs."

In this report you will discover:

  • trends for pension schemes remaining open or closing;
  • insights into de-risking investment strategies;
  • commentary about end game planning; 
  • the Old British Steel Pension Scheme case study; and
  • analysis of transfer activity among the UK’s largest schemes.

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