Impact of Pensions on UK Business

We have recently published our fifth annual report considering the impact that pension provision is having on UK business.   

We believe that the report offers a unique assessment of the financial impact of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes within the context of the wider finances of FTSE350 companies.

This year’s report focuses upon many of the key metrics that we have monitored in previous years, as well as newer analyses such as how companies consider their pension risks within the context of the other business risks to which they are exposed. 

We hope you find our report informative and thought provoking by allowing you to consider how your business stands, relative to the FTSE350, in terms of the costs and risks associated with your DB scheme.

Bespoke Benchmarking

If you would like a personalised report benchmarking your company against the companies included in this research using the metrics described in this report, or for further information on the results of this research please contact me.