Covid-19 and the employee experience

The Covid-19 crisis has created enormous challenges for many UK employees. 

Millions have lost their jobs, or fear imminent redundancy, while a large number have been furloughed. Others are working from home, often having to juggle the demands of work with those of childcare and home schooling. For those employees now returning to the workplace, this is likely to look quite different to any they have ever experienced before. 

All of this is inevitably affecting many people’s mental and financial wellbeing.


Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on employees

As part of our “Future of Work” research series, we surveyed a representative sample of employees in UK businesses to gain a detailed understanding of how employees are coping during this crisis.

  • How has the pandemic affected their personal finances and emotional wellbeing?
  • What communication have they received from their employer? Why is this important? 
  • How is an organisation’s behaviour during the crisis likely to affect the views of employees?
of furloughed employees believe they will be made redundant 


of employees have contacted, or plan to contact, a mental health charity for help
of employees have received little or no communication from their employer
of employees in companies with >5000 staff have received little or no employer communications


What does the employment experience look like?

The key findings from our survey paint a worrying picture of wellbeing during the pandemic. Our research reveals a concerning lack of satisfaction with employer/ employee communication that needs to be addressed to stop the creation of a divide between employers and employees.

"It’s crucial that employers do a better job with supporting their employees, regardless of working status."
of employees believe that how a company handles Covid-19 will influence whether they want to work there

As we enter more stormy waters, it is important to remember that your organisation may be judged on your actions during this pandemic for many years to come. 


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