Employers' attitudes to the changing DC pensions landscape 2016

"The majority of employers see regulatory stability as the single most important factor for DC pension success."
Following the introduction of the new pension freedoms, many studies have researched how employees’ attitudes have changed in relation to retirement saving. However, no studies (until now) have asked employers how their attitudes have changed.

With responses to our study from 76 UK corporates employing over 800,000 employees, across a range of industries, our study in conjunction with Standard Life digs a little deeper.

Constant changes to rules, regulations and legislation, and the perpetual pruning of tax incentives to pay into pensions, mean there is a clear risk employers are becoming disenfranchised from the pensions system.

Further incentive cuts from this April could also lead to many senior executives reducing contributions or even opting out of their employer’s pension scheme. As more senior decision makers become disengaged from the employer’s scheme, does this spell trouble for the rest of the employees?