Meaningful and productive employment: where's the gap?

Barnett Waddingham’s recent research study reveals a considerable gap in the UK between the experience employees have of being employed and what employers believe this to be.

Barnett Waddingham’s four research papers found that while the majority of employers (61%) believe the levels of wellbeing in their organisation to be high, only 18% of the employees surveyed report high wellbeing from their perspective. This suggests employers do not know or understand the needs of their workforce enough.

But the experience gap is not restricted to just wellbeing. It is amplified by the lack of open and honest communication and engagement between UK organisations and their employees - creating a sense of “them and us” rather than “we”. Only 15% of employees believe the success generated by the organisation is shared fairly compared to 70% of UK employers.

The gap is almost just as wide when looking more specifically at remuneration communication, with a 36% point gap between employers (32%) and organisations (68%) in the belief that there is a genuine openness and transparency about remuneration. This suggests a lack of trust should be of real concern for employers.


Meaningful and productive employment: where's the gap?

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