Big Schemes Survey 2017

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  • The largest occupational pension schemes are an integral part of the UK economy. These schemes invest substantial amounts of capital in the wider economy and are responsible for the retirement wellbeing of a large proportion of the population. They also strongly influence the behaviour of smaller schemes, for example with respect to developing innovative methods of sponsor support and risk mitigation.

    Our latest analysis continues to highlight the closure of defined benefit (DB) schemes, both to new members and to future pension accrual. Given the focus on transferring risk from sponsoring employers, we also see some evidence of increased transfer activity in the new ‘freedom and choice’ landscape.

    Key highlights


    of final salary schemes in our survey are either closed to new members or to future accrual


    of schemes have a deficit on their company accounting basis


    of average annual employer deficit contribution


    of median annual increase in transfer values paid out for some of the very largest schemes

    This is our fifth annual survey in relation to private sector DB schemes in the UK with assets of over £1bn. It is based on publically available data up to 31 October 2016 and focuses on scheme type, asset allocation, investment performance, deficit contributions, and adviser fees. The survey covers over 160 schemes, but not all schemes are included within each section.

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    Big Schemes Survey 2017

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