Bulk annuity: current market and recent developments

Competitive insurer pricing compared to gilts is providing attractive opportunities for schemes to remove both financial and longevity risks.

Are you up to speed with the latest market developments and best placed to make informed de-risking decisions for your scheme?

In a climate where considerable uncertainty persists within financial markets - trustees and sponsoring employers remain focussed on managing their pension risks. Insurer pricing for pensioners is at historically competitive levels, enabling schemes to potentially exchange available low risk assets for a buy-in with no, or even positive, funding impact.

Our 2017 Bulk Annuity Annual Report highlights key issues for trustees and employers to consider in looking to de-risk successfully, including the role of liability management exercises in reducing the ultimate cost of securing the scheme benefits. Being well-prepared and aware of the possible options is important in a market where demand could increase significantly.

Key highlights


Bulk annuity providers completing a record-breaking £20bn of business in 2016


Pension scheme transactions exceeding £10bn for the third consecutive year


Strong 2017 first half (over £5bn) with increased activity expected towards the end of the year

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Annual Bulk Annuity Report 2017

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