The pursuit of Promoters: improving the employment experience

Our recent UK employer and employee experience surveys identified that a higher proportion of employees are more likely to be critical of their organisation than to promote it, presenting businesses with a huge risk to brand and reputation.

The research uses employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to segment employee and employer respondents into three groups – ‘Promoters,’ ‘Passives’ and ‘Detractors.’ Respondents have been placed into each group after measuring their willingness to advocate the organisation they work for. 

Avoid reputational damage

Just over one in five employees would recommend their organisation as an employer. However, more than a third feel quite the opposite. This negative perception, if shared with others externally, can risk significant damage to an employer’s brand and reputation, from both an employment and a wider perspective.

Encourage employee advocacy

The largest of the three groups is Passives. They are generally happy in their job, but not as loyal or engaged as Promoters. They are therefore less likely to proactively recommend their organisation as an employer than Promoters.

"42% of employees are Passives - typically, less loyal and engaged than Promoters"

As there are lots of Passives, the conversion opportunity is high as their satisfaction levels are closer to those of Promoters than Detractors. This makes it much easier to drive positive improvement.

Key findings on employee advocacy

The importance of good leadership

The role that leaders at all levels play in understanding and supporting their people is a key factor in whether employees recommend their organisation as an employer.

Our research reinforces just how important it is for organisations and their leaders to show genuine interest in their employees’ wellbeing, development and in helping them reach their full potential.


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The pursuit of Promoters: improving the employment experience

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