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Barnett Waddingham
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With Profits Survey

This is the third investigation Barnett Waddingham has conducted into the investment strategies of UK with-profits funds.

Buy-outs and Buy-ins Report 2016

Our 2016 Bulk Annuity Annual Report discusses the latest developments in the buy-in and buy-out market. We highlight important issues for trustees and sponsoring employees as well as summarising the views of insurers on key aspects of the market.

FTSE350 report - impact of pension schemes on UK business

FTSE350 companies paid £8bn to reduce deficits in 2015, significantly lower than the levels seen post the financial crisis. As the UK experiences extreme uncertainty after the EU referendum, we question how long until contributions are forced to increase in order to plug the ballooning deficit.

Risk maturity benchmarking: essential insights for business leaders and risk professionals

Our Risk Maturity Benchmarking report is based on market research involving over 100 respondents, and face-to-face meetings with more than 35 business and risk leaders. Our aim is to engage with businesses to identify common challenges, proven solutions and general good practice while providing data to support the case that good risk management is good for business.

Accounting for pension costs survey 31 December 2015

Our fifteenth annual survey of pension disclosures made by FTSE100 companies determining the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes has been released.

Big Schemes Survey 2016: £1bn+

Our fourth annual survey in relation to private sector DB schemes in the UK with assets of over £1bn covers 160 schemes and focuses on scheme type, asset allocation, investment performance, deficit contributions, and adviser fees.

Workplace wellbeing index: employee wellbeing in review

The workplace wellbeing index is based on an online survey carried out in June and July 2015. The survey received 84 usable responses from employers across all regions of the UK.

European companies with UK defined benefit schemes

Our research relates to constituent companies of the Dutch AEX, French CAC40, German DAX, Spanish IBEX, Italian FTSE MIB and Scandinavian OMX share indices that have UK subsidiary companies with defined benefit (DB) pension schemes. The survey covers 79 European companies with around £107bn of UK pension liabilities between them.

University Accounting Survey

This is our seventh annual survey of the assumptions adopted by UK universities for determining the value of their pension liabilities for accounting purposes.

Generation why? survey 2016

Our Generation why? survey, launched in 2014, helps us to gain a better understanding of generational attitudes and perspectives towards saving and money matters, and how an individual’s affluence influences their thinking.

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