Barnett Waddingham’s financial strength reaffirmed

Barnett Waddingham* has had its ‘B Strong’ AKG** rating reaffirmed for the fifth year running, demonstrating the strength and stability of our business.

AKG provides assessment, ratings, information and market assistance to the financial services industry. It is an independent organisation and their ratings are especially useful for advisers, helping them to select reliable providers for their clients. 

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The rating follows AKG’s deep-dive assessment of Barnett Waddingham, examining a range of operational areas most likely to affect our clients. We are very pleased with our ‘Strong’ financial strength rating, which shows a long-term commitment to our SIPP business, 

The report states that . . . 

". . . the partnership structure, and more broadly the culture of the firm in part emanating from it, contribute to a very stable, collegiate and risk averse corporate personality across the group, including the SIPP operation . . . Financial advisers have direct access to a dedicated Client Manager. . . Staff work in teams to ensure continuous cover."

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*BW SIPP LLP is the entity assessed and rated by AKG.

**AKG is an independent organisation specialising in the provision of assessment, ratings, information and consultancy to the financial services industry. You can read more about AKG here.

Download the report to help with your due diligence.

AKG Financial Strength Assessment

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