This briefing note explains how trustees can make better, more informed decisions in relation to the investment and governance of charitable assets.

The updated CC14 investment guidance provides more clarity on developing an investment strategy, aiming to improve investment outcomes and help charities better support their beneficiaries.

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Key insights

  • Obtaining professional advice: We consider why you should obtain professional, independent advice, how to avoid conflicts of interest, the risks associated with receiving advice from trustees and investment managers, and our recommended approach at BW.
  • Sustainable, ethical and social investment: A key change to the guidance is how trustees can add more value to their investment strategy by incorporating a more sustainable approach, as well as ethical restrictions and other non-financial factors. We look at this in detail. 
  • Manager selection and monitoring: We analyse the best way to go about selecting an investment manager or funds to select and hold your investments.

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Read our briefing note to ensure you make the right decisions about investing charity funds.

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As a charity, you will have bespoke investment criteria, particularly in terms of your investment timeline, cashflow needs, and ethical requirements. We can help you achieve your aims and deliver a truly bespoke investment service.

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