Treasury Committee report on Solvency II - What did it find?

The House of Commons Treasury Committee published its report on “The Solvency II Directive and its impact on the UK Insurance Industry” (‘the Report’) on 25 October 2017.

The Report stems from the inquiry launched on 13 September 2016 which had the remit to:

  • Consider the options for the UK insurance industry that are created by the decision to leave the EU;
  • Assess any impact of Solvency II on the competitiveness of the UK insurance industry;
  • Examine the impact of Solvency II on the role of insurance in meeting the needs of UK customers and the wider UK business economy; and
  • Assess any learning for both regulators and industry from the introduction of this major piece of insurance harmonising legislation

Our detailed analysis looks into the findings. Download the report below to read more.

Malcolm Kemp contributed to the writing of this briefing note.