PerioDiC – December 2020

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  • Mark Futcher

    Mark Futcher

    Partner and Head of DC

  • Our Autumn 2020 PerioDiC newsletter aims to keep you up to date with all the elements relevant to your defined contribition (DC) arrangement.
    Whether you are a trustee running an occupational scheme, a company offering a master trust or contract-based scheme (such as a Group Personal Pension) our guidance will ensure you stay on top of recent news and developments.
    Some of the topics covered in this newsletter include: 
    • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended
    • The Pensions Regulator (TPR) guidance and enforcement
    • Proposed new Value for Members (VFM) assessments
    • Simpler annual benefit statements
    • Stronger nudges to pensions guidance
    • Responsible investment
    • Stewardship of investments
    • Auto-enrolment duties continue
    • Charge cap review